At Backrow Films, creativity and talent are paramount. We are a motion picture production company that was founded in the back-row of our class at film school.

A company of misfits, for misfits, we are driven by a common passion for visual storytelling and a fierce commitment to each other. With an eye for unique perspectives, we aim to bolster truly independent filmmakers, develop their ideas, and support them through all phases of production and post-production.

We not only assist with project management, research & development, video editing, graphic design, and post-production supervision services for fellow indie-minded filmmakers, but we are also proud to be developing our own projects from script to screen.

Our Services
In our opinion, the most overlooked step in the process. Build the best strategy for your film and know your audience. From coverage to budgeting, we got you covered.
Sometimes, a little script-love is all you need. Take it back to text and visualize the set experience.
Our editing professionals have expertise in both narrative and non-fiction formats, commercial/music videos, as well as long-form storytelling. They are committed to overcoming any challenges you and your team may face.
Post-Production Supervision
For your films that have been shot already but still need a nudge, connect to our team now so we can help get your film finished.
Marketing and Distribution
We take that back, this is the most overlooked step in the indie filmmaking process. Give your film an edge by packaging it specifically for your audience.
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